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Tuition by a native Parisian - learn French to suit your needs - Brisbane Metro Area 
Experienced French Tutor and tour organisation in The Gap, Brisbane, Queensland and on line
About Natalie

Natalie was born in Paris, she has lived that wonderful Parisian lifestyle for 25 years and now enjoys life here in Brisbane.

With 30 years experience in French tutoring you can feel confident that learning the French language
will be fun and easy.

You will also enjoy finding out
all about life in Paris!​

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Learn French Brisbane


"I have learnt with Natalie for just over half a year on Skype and my progress is very obvious and rapid. I am enjoying my study tremendously and can already communicate slowly entirely in French.

I am very excited and happy with the expertise offered by Natalie, and I highly recommend her service to anyone who wish to learn French."

​Cindy IP

French tutor brisbane


"Natalie is an excellent 'professeur francais' for me. She is patient and understanding of older learners. She focusses on the most important elements of french learning such as accent, listening and conversational skills."

French Lessons
"Natalie is a native French speaker with excellent English skills as well so she is able to understand the difficulties English speakers have when learning French.  Natalie targets her lessons to her students’ objectives and explains subjects in an easy to understand way.  Natalie is focused on correct pronunciation which is a must when learning a language.  Natalie is very professional and I can only recommend her very highly to anyone wanting to learn or improve their French."

French lesson Natalie
​​​​​"Lessons are always fun and I learn without effort. "

"I have been taking lessons with Natalie for about 4 years,
initially as part of a group and then one on one. 

When I started I had a basic knowledge of high school french learned 30 years prior. I did not feel at all confident speaking French out loud. Natalie has been extremely patient and encouraging and I am now able to watch and understand French movies without subtitles, read and comprehend French texts, understand conversational French and most importantly to me, speak confidently in French. 

Natalie presents the lessons in an interesting format with a mix of listening, grammar and comprehension and always there is a variety of homework tasks to practice on. I would definitely recommend Natalie as a French teacher"